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The Motivation Behind Counting Calories

It’s been almost two months since I started counting calories. It truly is amazing to see the results from being aware of exactly what you’re putting in your body. Tracking my calories has helped me balance my diet, manage my portion sizes, develop a meal plan, and has increased my motivation to get my workout in everyday. I love looking in the mirror and seeing the positive changes – not just physically (which I’m loving), but mentally as well. As a stay-at-home mom the days can become monotonous and exhausting. Since I started, my confidence has improved and the resulting positivity is amazing!

Edited - BookTHE BOOK

I’ve been reading a book called Thinner Leaner Stronger by Michael Matthews. It is geared towards the female body. There is also a version for the men: Bigger Leaner Stronger. Mike’s books will educate you on the proper way to train and the background of nutrition and the effects that it has on your body. So now I’m excited, because I know more (knowledge is power after all), and this knowledge has given me the power to get my ass in gear and make a change! Understanding what a calorie really is, what nutrients are, protein release rates, and pretty much everything else you can think of is so beneficial in taking control of your diet. And I don’t mean diet, like I’m only eating grapefruit and water diet; I mean diet as in the foods you consume on an everyday basis. I’ve always been pretty aware of what my family consumes, but once I started counting my calories, the choices I make when I’m out and about are much healthier, and I would much rather enjoy an awesome salad than a greasy burger and fries. I think about the benefits and they outweigh the instant dopamine boost from the shitty choice. Because when I look in the mirror and see the chisel coming it’s the best dopamine boost ever!


To keep me focused; I downloaded MyFitnessPal, basic version, and have been using that to track my calories. It’s pretty user friendly and allows you to take comparison pictures. Yeah selfies, haha! In this version it’s hard to track your exercise…so I don’t. Of course the premium version has a lot of other features, but it’s $70 yearly and the freebie is working for me, so I’ll save my money. You also might want to find your calorie intake through other avenues…math for example or calorie calculators online. If you are doing any at home workout programs they will likely have a calorie calculator you can use; I know Beachbody programs do for sure.


I am fortunate enough to workout at home. I have a great home gym that allows me to do almost any exercise in my program. I`m about six weeks into the Thinner Leaner Stronger workout program and am seeing some fantastic results! Stoked! With all this stuff going on I’m going to be ripped!! Ass is my goal, a huge, and sweet, round ass!

So those are all the amazing and positive changes calorie counting has made in my life. I highly recommend it; you’ll feel so good about yourself.  You don’t have to work out to see the benefits of counting calories, but I highly recommend that too. What do you have to lose…a little weight maybe?


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