My Grateful Summer

Summer has been a busy time in our house, which I’m sure is true for many of you. It’s nice though, because not only does being busy keep my kids happy, it keeps me sane!

To be honest, I was dreading the summer with three high energy kids at home; one of which thinks she’s a teenager…she’s seven! It actually hasn’t been that bad. I’ve been able to focus on them a lot more and observe their personalities and how they interact with other children and each other. They have grown so much in just a few weeks I swear! They have mastered skills they struggled with before and I’m so proud and grateful to experience this all with them. Having no time to do anything but be with them, (this blog post took me way too long to publish) I’m looking forward to creating so many wonderful memories, and seeing what they accomplish next. One of the joys of being a stay at home mom!

Here is a list of some activities we’ll be doing to fill the rest of our time together.

  1. Splash around at the splash pad
  2. Hike the Bruce Trail
  3. Camp
  4. Go fishing
  5. Have play dates with friends
  6. Take a boat ride
  7. Have fun at a summer festival
  8. Go to the zoo
  9. Have a slumber party
  10. Hit the beach
  11. Visit a farm
  12. Explore a museum
  13. Visit Hamilton’s many water falls
  14. Ice Cream!
  15. Make creative art projects
  16. Bake cookies to share with family and friends
  17. See a movie at the drive in
  18. Visit a park we’ve never been to before
  19. Road trip
  20. Back to school shopping!

Share some of your ideas with me in the comments below. I’d love to hear about your grateful summer and what you have planned for your family!


Photos: Zach Nash

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