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January is Mental Health Awareness Month

I know I write about this topic quite a bit, but I can not stress enough the importance of mental wellness. With the high expectations, instant gratification, stress around jobs and money, and just fitting in, our society is struggling more than ever. It is so important to talk; talk, talk, talk, talk, talk! Tell people how you’re feeling, don’t bottle things up inside of you. You’d be surprised to know that almost everyone is experiencing or had experienced the same emotions. People are here to help. And those people could be anyone; a friend, family member, neighbour, doctor, teacher, or co-worker. Whether they can provide you their ear to listen, advice and coping strategies, or information where you can find the help you need, there is always someone to help. At times problems and emotions can seem so big that you’ve lost control, but just know that you are bigger! Your mind is incredibly powerful, you just need to learn how to change your thoughts and allow the positivity ad love in. Look at the effects the negative emotions are having on you and think, if you turn them around into positive thoughts how wonderful you would feel.


After I was diagnosed with postpartum depression and anxiety after my third child was born, it was my mission to get myself better. My goal was to do this with the help of my family health team (family doctor and counselor) and various groups that are offered by the city. I am so grateful to live in the greater Hamilton region (Canada), where we have access to free programs to aid in the awareness of mental health. There is so much help here I feel like no one should be suffering, or without a program set in place for their wellness journey. I have also incorporated tons of personal development and self-love into my life. Understanding that telling myself I AM AWESOME, is okay…and true. We are all awesome. As humans, we were given the ability to achieve whatever we set our minds to. I have experienced this these past few years and I must say, it is greater than any feeling of negativity. Today, I live my life without judgement of myself or others, I see the beauty in everything around me, I am mindful and understanding, and I deserve the abundance I dream about. This is what I want for the world. The reality is, shitty things happen…to everyone, but allowing that to take over will never serve you well. Incorporating the correct coping strategies, and prescribed medication if needed, are great stepping stones to a happier mindset.


The truth is people take better care of things that can be replaced, like their home, car, and material items over their own well-being. We only have one body, and if you aren’t taking care of it, it isn’t going to take care of you. YOU are the number one priority. You can’t serve others or yourself if you aren’t feeling your best. Eating healthy, whole foods, exercising, doing things you love, and living in the moment are mandatory for creating a fulfilled life.


Here are some tips to help change our thoughts.

We Need To:

Stop treating negative thoughts as though they are facts.

Ask ourselves; what mistaken ideas might these thoughts be based on?

Learn to stand back and observe our thoughts rather than get automatically caught up in them.

See the fleeting/changing/impermanent nature of our thoughts.

First recognize and then “throw away” old, unhelpful storylines.

Challenge, stop or diffuse our self-defeating thoughts.

Pay less attention to our mental chatter by paying more attention to the present moment.


“Change your thoughts & you’ll change your world.”

“Be in love with your life, every minute of it!”

“What you think you become.” – Buddha


For more information on the Hamilton Family Health Team, visit their website.

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