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Creating Healthy, Strong Human Beings

“Momma, can I have some healthy food?” When my kids ask for healthy food, this is music to my ears. As a mother and health coach, it is important that I am modeling the best lifestyle habits possible for my children. Ensuring they are being nourished holistically is our sole responsibility as parents. So, when they mirror this lifestyle on their own, it melts my heart. It makes me feel proud, knowing that I’m doing something right. I might not be doing everything right, but at least I’m getting some of it right!

Growing up was very different for me. As most kids born in the 80s, I was raised on hotdogs and Kraft Dinner, Kool-Aid, and processed, microwavable crap. Don’t get me wrong, my parent’s provided us with the best they could. We did have home cooked meals, my mom is a pretty good cook, but the products were different back then. I’m very grateful to live in this time right now, where there is such a focus on organic and local foods, and an awareness of what is being consumed.

One of the most loving things we can do for our children is to provide them the fundamentals to succeed as healthy, strong human beings. Once they have this confidence and advanced knowing of self, the rest of the shit that comes their way will be easier to manage, as they grow and encounter these new experiences.

How do you create a healthy, strong human being?:


This is critical, like I mean, it’s seriously everything. Providing adequate nutrition fuels the body so it can perform as required, prevents diseases, and is the foundation for greatness. If you’re fueling the body with what it needs to perform optimally, it will, and it will allow you to do whatever you want; because you aren’t sick, tired, or overweight.

Self Care

Children need self care just as much as adults. Learning this early will instill strong self respect and confidence which can help them deal with peer pressure during their adolescents. Performing self care is as simple as brushing your teeth, eating, dressing, and allowing them to have alone time to unwind.


I think children are pretty mindful by the way they fully engage themselves in activities without  judgement. As we age we kind of lose that. If we practice being mindful daily we can really experience the beauty of life and how wonderful it truly is. And for me, this goes hand in hand with gratitude.


Practicing daily gratitude is something we all look forward to in our house. Everyone gets a turn to share what they’re grateful from that day. We do this at dinner time. It gets conversations started, encourages participation, and shows respect to the person talking and patience when it isn’t our turn.

Don’t Stifle Their Creativity

Now my husband might argue this a little with me, but I don’t feel it’s a big deal that my kids create a mess. I mean I really hate cleaning, but if my kids want to get crazy creative and it makes a mess, I’m okay with that. As long as no one is getting hurt, then who really cares what they do! You never know what they will discover about themselves! I give my kids a lot of freedom to mess up my house. Which comes with a lot of muttering and regret when it’s time to tidy, but oh well.

Family Day

Make a day just for family. Be there, be present. Every Sunday is our family day. We go adventuring most of the time, but we also visit with family, and create fun experiences. We enjoy dinner and a movie, and a yummy popcorn treat. The kids love it, and so do we! It’s a great way to really connect as a family.

One on One Time

Make a date! If you have more than one child it is hard to set time out to focus on each child individually. Being a mom of three, this is something I struggle with. Creating a great bond and getting to know your child can provide them with a safe place to be open and share. As they grow you want them to come to you first with any issues or questions they’ll have about EVERYTHING! Eventually we will not be the first one they go to, but knowing we are there for them if they need us is reassuring.

Positive Relationships

Show love, understanding, respect, and empathy. These are all things we expect to receive from a relationship as adults, but how do we know what that should look like, or feel like, if we have never received it as children? The relationship we have with our child is the type of relationship you are showing them is good and healthy. eg. If you aren’t a very present parent and rarely show love, your child’s adult relationships will be the same, as they don’t know any better.

Emotional Regulation

It’s important for you as the parent to show emotion and be vulnerable. It lets them know that it’s okay to feel emotion, both good and bad. It is also teaching them how to accept, regulate and cope with their emotions in a healthy manner.

Parenting is tough, but making small positive changes can create a pretty big impact for our littles. After all, we are literally building the adults of the future.


Do you have any “aha” parenting moments you’d like to share? I’d love to hear about it!

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